Who steals, who doesn’t? Who takes textures and claims it as their own and who doesn’t? Who proclaims innocent and who should I believe?

Should I stop reviewing or should I keep on doing what I do best?

All these questions just pop into my head every time I log into Second Life. It’s so disconcerting.

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To introduce my latest entry, I would like to show you a little video. Enjoy!

*blurp and blah after the bump!*

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Honestly all the renderosity Danae Kotsi vs second life Minnu Palen has gotten me a little bit stressed out. Not because I am for anyone side’s but…

I am just losing sleep over the fact that everything seems to be so jumbled up for me. Who did what? What did what? Did she buy this? Did she read the EULA? *gets some of Strawberry’s meds*

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Alright. Let me start this entry once again.

Being in Second Life, I’ve noticed a very very strange trend. There is truly a huge six degrees of separation in the social circles of second life. You probably don’t know me, but I am sure I know you or heard of you. Now let me explain (poor poor Willow!)..

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Aren’t I hawt? *laughs*

Style sheets and blurp after the bump!

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One of the many glitches of the new main viewer right now is the disappearing skirt act. I don’t know about you, but losing your skirt in a very well known store with many onlookers is not funny.

And here’s why..

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I was touring around a store in-world the day before and I tp over Miss Thema Felix of The Virtual Version. She cracks me up (no pun intended, honestly!). And she has made me a total crack addict…

Now if this is a complete mystery to you, I completely understand. I also did not get what she meant at first, but I am totally converted and here’s why…

*blurp after the bump*

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